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Natalie Portman icontest community
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Welcome to portmanstills, an icontest community dedicated to lovely Natalie Portman, an actress and a beautiful woman!
Founder: capelle
Mod: fare_lady
Banner makers: dionisia2005 fare_lady apply
-To participate, please join first to be aware of updates
-All challenge rules will be posted in challenge posts so read them carefully
-Post your icon[s] like this: image+link.
-Preferable image hosts are: photobucket, tinypic, imageshack
-Votes-points table:
1 place vote=4 points
2 place vote=3 points
3 place vote=2 points
sp. cathegory vote=1 point+ helps in tie breaking
-Active participants'll be awarded
-You can suggest a challenge here. It's appreciated.
-Most of all: please have fun ^^ That's what the community's created for

Mon: new challenge
Mon-Thu: entering
Thu-Sun: voting
Sun: results

Our promobanner (i'll be forever greatful if you promote the community):

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stf_fastlims stockvsfashion more...
wanna be one of them?

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Social capital

  • less than 10